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welcome to milkdom of doom, the icon journal of milksopofdoom. I like using various words for 'unmanly man' as insults or, alternatively, terms of endearment. mollycoddle, pansy, milquetoast, dandy, etc. join or watch at your pleasure. I'll like you more if you do because, you know, it makes one feel as though she has some friends on the other side of this nutty interweb. erm, I'm slightly odd. there are rules, like any community. of course they're unenforcible, but they make me feel all powerful and stuff.

01. okay, so not so much rule as request for courtesy. credit please? it's pimpage. and makes me feel loved.
02. listen, I know they're sometimes plain, but that doesn't mean you can write all over them with junk. if you'd like me to edit one for you, just ask, 'kay?
03. please don't hotlink. I use photobucket, 'cause it's free and easy, but it's really not the greatest provider of bandwidth. thanks, fools (endearment, I'm telling you).

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Beautiful for some, he says. That's always the problem.